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Since the hall was constructed in 1900 the name "Swiss Alp" has been synonymous with good times, great friends, and a rich legacy of musical entertainment.

In 1933 Henry Tietjen moved his family to Swiss Alp from Rutersville and purchased the Swiss Alp store and farm from August Brune. Tietjenā€™s purchase included the hall, and he and his heirs immediately began to enlarge it. As the hall grew in size and popularity, it drew audiences from around the region and performers and bands from throughout the region and state. 

Swiss Alp Dance Hall has gone on to become a classic example of a historic hall that has seen virtually all of the changing trends and styles of Texas popular music over the last century or more. The hall resounded with early German brass bands and Czech or German polka bands, big-band sounds, country and western, and, more recently, various forms of rock-and-roll.

Swiss Alp dance Hall

Thanks to its centralized location between the major cities of San Antonio, Houston, and Austin, the hall became a key venue for regional touring acts.




Old performers at Swiss Alp dance Hall

The hall was built for dancing and it has hosted many Texas legends such as Adolph Hofner, Bob Wills and B. J. Thomas.




Old performers at Swiss Alp dance Hall

Other Legendary regional names such as Roy Head and the Traits, Sunny and the Sunliners, and Johnny Winter, have all played the stage of Swiss Alp Dance Hall.




Old performers at Swiss Alp dance Hall

In its most recent, twenty-first century incarnation, the hall has hosted many of the best-known Texas Music artists, from Roger Creager, Asleep at the Wheel to Stoney LaRue, Kevin Fowler and others.

From all across the state, people young and old come to dance at Swiss Alp. Local and and regional bands play at Swiss Alp including the Triumphs, Emotions, Texas Dream Band, Texas Unlimited Band, and Czechaholics.

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